I’m Britt Crowe original

    my name is britt crowe

    & I am so stoked that you’re here

    So the obvious, I am a San Francisco Bay Area Intimate Wedding and Elopement Photographer – it is the coolest job ever honestly and I cannot imagine doing anything else.

    The first thing people say to me when I introduce myself is typically along the lines of, “Wow, your name is so cool!”

    – – – Lets start there shall we? I am nowhere near as cool as my newly acquired last name makes me sound.

    I am a pretty simple gal with strong roots in the middle west of these great states. I don’t think the term mid-west makes much sense at all but you don’t want to get me rambling.

    You can currently find me on the sunny California coast hand-in-hand with a super handsome bearded guy who I somehow convinced to marry me. I love him with my whole entire heart and his love + support are the reason I am able to do what I love everyday.

    I really adore my cats, they are my children. I also really love Pickles which is why one of those cats is named Pickle. I also adore my sweet puppy Milo Crowe – people tell me we look alike and I am totally fine with it. Animals are my favorite. Seriously, do you have pet goats? Pigs maybe? How about a duck or two? Can I meet them?

    I own more vintage dresses than I could possibly wear in a week because to me they’re like buried treasure and I will always need just one more.

    Tacos are honestly the way to my heart especially if they include fancy salsa.

    Summer is a great season but fall is better.

    I would swim all the way to the middle of the ocean if I wasn’t afraid of the dark or the fishes underneath.

    San Francisco Bay Area Intimate Wedding and Elopement Photographer

    I love love. Marriage is magic. The photographic process is magic. If you choose me to document your story I will probably cry, I cry at almost every wedding because I think marriage is the freaking best.

    So no, I am not nearly as cool as my name may sound or the way my Instagram feed portrays my life. I am just a twenty-something lady trying to figure out what comes next.

    I take photographs because I love people. I love meeting people, I love getting to know people, I love [ trying to ] capture them in a frame. People inspire me to be a better person. Lets be better together and make just a little bit of magic in the process.

    Photographs by my amazingly talented friends April Violet + Dylan M Howell + Sara K Byrne + Chelsea Rochelle