Just say hello if you don’t see what you’re looking for here.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Currently I reside in sunny southern California but I travel back and forth to the Midwest fairly frequently. Also, I love to travel so don’t let my location stop you from reaching out.

Q: I am in Kansas City, can I still hire you?

A: Of course you can! I am always coming back to my hometown to see family and eat BBQ.

Q: I am not in Kansas City or on the West Coast, do you travel?

A: Please, please do give me a reason to travel. Please.

Q: How much do you cost?

A: That all depends on what you’re looking for: portrait and boudoir sessions start at $350 – elopements start at $500 – weddings start at $2400.

Q: How do I book you?

A: Well, first take a look at my blog, scroll through my social media pages. Do you like what you see there? Great. You’ll want to head on over to my contact page and say hello. The more you tell me the better. After that we can meet for a cup of coffee and see how we get along. When you’re ready to book, we’ll sign a contract and a retainer is requested.

Q:  Britt, what do you like to shoot?

A: People who are unapologetic about being themselves. People who are not afraid of getting a little messy and having a lot of fun. Chances are if you want to climb a mountain, jump in a lake, or dance like you just can’t stop during your shoot, you’re my kind of human.

Q:  Okay well, what don’t you enjoy shooting?

A: Grumpy humans, Pinterest copycats, and a lack of emotion.

Q: I want photos in studio, is that something you offer?

A: If you’re looking for unnaturally lit, white background, overly retouched studio portraits I am not the photographer you want to hire. If you want to shoot in a beautiful studio with, huge windows and gorgeous natural light we can definitely make that happen.

Q: Do you give unedited photographs to your clients?

A: Nope, never gonna happen. Literally never. I once heard a photographer say, “It is like getting raw chicken at a restaurant.”

Q: I suck at posing, will you pose me?

A: First of all, everyone sucks at posing. Posing is awkward. That said, I won’t “pose” you, I will guide you throughout our session, I will encourage you to be yourself and just have fun! Lets just be two friends hanging out and forget about the black hunk of metal, glass, and plastic in between us okay? Our relationship is built on trust. I promise you’ll look great.

Q: What happens after our shoot?

A: We high-five because we just had a killer time. Seriously! Then of course, I go home and put all your images on my computer where I go through and choose the best of the best. I get rid of the in between photographs. The photographs with the blinks, the wind blowing your hair in all the wrong directions, the one where you’re telling me about your new kitten. After I make the selections I will begin the editing process and that is what takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on what we shot boudoir/senior/elopement/wedding.

Q:  What can I do with my digital files after I download them?

A: You have unlimited personal use of your photographs. This means that you can make as many copies as you like and share them with your family and friends. If you choose to share the images on social media I ask that I am credited as the photographer.