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    Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm Wedding

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    Sarah + Miles
    El Matador Beach Engagement Session

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    Point Reyes Seashore Wedding

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    Point Lobos Carmel Anniversary Session

    Photographs of love and magic to remind you how you felt. 

    Let’s ditch the trends and lifeless images and document your love story just as it happens. No orange filters and no airbrushes, no awkward vibes and no weird poses.

    Call me crazy but I think love is pretty damn magical. You deserve a photographer that is there to tell your love story, the standard chapters and the in between moments. You deserve photographs that will remind you exactly how you felt the day you married your best friend and that is what I do, its the bread, the butter, AND the jam to me.

    I’m not here to tell you who to be. Maybe you’re adventurous, maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re a day dreamer, maybe you’re not. Maybe you don’t mind dirt on your dress, maybe you do. Are you marrying your best friend? Great. you bring the love and I’ll bring my camera – together we’ll make magic and in 50 years you’ll have images to remind you exactly how it felt.

    Point Lobos State Park Carmel Anniversary Portraits | Katie & Bryan March 5, 2018

    Point Lobos State Park Carmel Anniversary Portraits | Katie & Bryan

    February 13, 2018

    Griffith Observatory Los Angeles Couples Portraits X Free People | Maeve & Christain

    Los Angeles Cozy In Home Engagement | Mitch & Cristina February 8, 2018

    Los Angeles Cozy In Home Engagement | Mitch & Cristina

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    Point Reyes Intimate Wedding | Taylor & Brian

    Lindsay and Bret South Lake Tahoe Bohemian Wedding October 27, 2017

    South Lake Tahoe Bohemian Wedding | Lindsay & Bret

    October 25, 2017

    Yosemite Sunrise Portraits | Charlotte & James

    Good Vibes from
    Past Clients

    Working with Britt exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I didn't think I needed or wanted engagement photos. Britt captured Billy and I in our natural state and I'm forever grateful for the images. She made the whole process easy going and more importantly, fun. I was blown away by our photos as she was able to capture our love in such a special time in our relationship. I'll cherish them forever. I'm more than excited to have her shoot our wedding. Britt is pure photography gold.

    Good Vibes from
    Past Clients

    I love looking back on our photos and remembering those moments just like it was yesterday. Britt has style of documenting everything that captures those in between moments that might just slip by you. She will put you at ease and make you feel so comfortable, something my husband and I both needed on our wedding day. I'm so happy with all of our photos and will forever be thankful we booked her.
    - LYNN & TIM

    Good Vibes from
    Past Clients

    Our couples session with Britt in the Redwoods was nothing short of amazing. It felt as if we had known her for years and the few hours we spent taking photos just flew by. Truly blown away with how talented Britt is and the ways she’s able to capture those magical, emotional, pure candid moments. I hope to make it back the the west coast again so we can capture more memories!

    Good Vibes from
    Past Clients

    Britt Crowe is the most wonderfully talented human being. She has such a way of making everyone who steps in front of her camera feel comfortable and confident. (Even my partner felt completely comfortable). She has a way of truly seeing the beauty in everyone and it shows in while you’re looking at her work. I, personally, have never felt more beautiful than I feel while looking at the pictures she’s taken of me. So grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to be photographed by this lovely person.

    Good Vibes from
    Past Clients

    We could not be more AMAZED and HAPPY with her work and professionalism. She is so personal, it felt like hanging out with an extremely talented best friend. She has an amazing artistic gift and eye. These photos are so special to have. We got married in a small, dreamy town and we love how much of the local vibe she captured. Britt took candids of our family and friends during the reception and we love those images - tugs at those heart strings hard! Brian and I can't stop looking at these photos. We highly recommend Britt - she is the whole package: Talented, kind, fun, artistic, prompt, professional.

    Good Vibes from
    Past Clients

    When I thought about what kind of photos I would want to look back at for years to come from our wedding party, all I could think of was "the people!" I didn't want posed, cheesy photos..I just wanted candid photos of all our closest friends and family. When I showed my (now) husband her work, as a photography hobbyist, he was totally sold. I could just envision her style so well with our outdoor night time party. HOLY COW the photos were even more than we could have ever hoped for. Obsessed doesn't even do my feelings justice. Britt is professional, but warm and fits right in, I wished she could have just been a guest!
    - LANA & RICH