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        What I'm all about...

        I am a pretty simple gal with strong roots in the middle west of these great states. I don’t think the term mid-west makes much sense at all but you don’t want to get me rambling. I love Kansas City in the summer but I certainly don’t miss the bitter cold winters. I already mentioned it but they’re so great I’ll tell you again – I have two pretty large cats Pickle and Oliver James and one little muppet dog, Milo Crowe – people tell me we look alike and I am totally fine with it. Animals are one of my favorite things and I would love to rescue all of homeless little fur babes. I own more vintage dresses than I could possibly wear in a week because to me they’re like buried treasure and I will always need just one more which is why you’ll find me in a thrift store more often than not. Pizza and tacos are honestly the way to my heart. If your wedding has a taco truck we will probably be best friends forever. Although, I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with fresh pressed juice and on the opposite end of the spectrum, soft serve ice cream so if you’ve got some of that going on I have a feeling we will get along just fine. Halloween is the best day of the year and I spend all month preparing for it with my family, my mom and I would buy every single pumpkin at the patch if we could. My favorite thing to look at is old photographs of my family. I love seeing my great grandparents in front of their home in Long Island, NY  in the 50’s, my mom at her first swim meet in the 70’s, and my husband dressed up as a tiny Batman in the 90’s. There is something incredible about these tangible moments frozen in time and I think that is one of the things I love the most about this job, documenting these stories for other people.

        I’m not Instagram famous. I’m not one of those “too cool for school” photographers.  I binge watch shows on Netlfix, especially the sci fi variety (what’s up Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Stranger Things) without shame. I think Disneyland is freaking great (season pass holder over here) – I’ve got an Ewok tattoo on my arm to prove it. At any given moment you can find me with a True Crime podcast (SSDGM) playing while I edit the day away.

        I am Britt Crowe photographer of love and magic and I am so pleased you’re here.